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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Israel Update

An article by the Haaretz Service entitled, “Defense Minister: IDF Protected Israel’s Sovereignty,” Ehud Barak discusses a tense situation when Palestinian refugees tried to cross the border into Israel at Lebanon. The article praises the Israeli Defense Forces for “protecting the sovereignty” of the Israeli people. In other words, the IDF was doing their job by protecting the human rights of the Israelis.

Unfortunately, this situation, like many others, has two sides to the story. According to the article, the IDF and the Lebanese army have told two different accounts of what happened at the border. The IDF claimed that the Lebanese army shot and killed refugees, while the Lebanese army claims that the IDF killed the refugees. Disagreements over who is to claim responsibility for such horrific events is typical surrounding such issues. Making a statement on the issue, Barak said, “There were deaths there in several places and we regret the deaths. Those responsible for this are those who attempted to violate Israel’s sovereignty and those who sent them, if there are any.”

Despite the unfortunate outcome of this situation, it is important to take away the message that the IDF is actively making attempts to protect the rights of Israeli citizens.

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